Why Train with the California Style Hackamore.

There are several reasons why Hackamore training is the best way to train a horse. One is that up until age five a horse goes through a teething process.
A bit in their mouth during the teething process can cause a lot of discomfort.
Another big reason is that Hackamore training allows you to train your horse and at the end still have a fresh and sensitive mouth.

The California Style Hackamore is unique in its fit and use in training. There are other pieces of equipment that are similar such as a side pull or the Texas style Hackamore.
But neither one have the action on the control areas of the horse like the California Hackamore does.
Because the rawhide core can be shaped with a bow from front to back, it allows the California Hackamore to work in the trough of the chin.
This action on the sensitive bares of the horses jaw gives it great lateral action.
This means it has great action on the bridge of the nose ant the trough of the chin, which leads too much more control.

The training process with the California Hackamore is also unique.
The use of a Side Pull or Texas Hackamore is typically used only to start the horse.
The training technique with the California Hackamore uses the Hackamore, Bosal and Bosalina.
The final step is to use the Bosalina and Spade Bit with four reins to make a finely trained turn a touch Bridle horse.
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